Architectural Models

architectural-modelsBoth as an instrument of communication as well as a means of design development there is no substitute for the physical model. It is no coincidence that architecture and model making share a rich history, so intrinsic to the design process it is impossible to imagine successfully understanding the essence of a design without the contribution of physical models. The most important models are those that lead to design conviction, that strengthen the design throught their production and evaluation.

This volume, conceived as a reference book, extensively presents works by renowed scale model studios. On more than 1,000 pages it showcases architectural models of avant-garde architects and designers from all over the world, among others:
JDS Architects
J. Mayer H. Architects
the next ENTERprise
David Garcia Studio

The monograph is a licensed edition of the book Architectural Model published in South Korea by DAMDI. The edition put out by DOM publishers consists of two volumes in a slipcase and will be distributed to bookshops around the world (excepting Asia).

Pyo Mi-young
Architectural Models
Construction and Design Manual
225 × 280 mm, 1,000 pages, over 1,000 images
2 Softcover in wooden slipcase

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